Our Warranty Policy

  • All our products come with 1-year warranty, unless stated otherwise. Stated clearly on the tax invoice.


  • All warranty/return items must accompany by a return approval (RA) note. Please contact us via email, or telephone to obtain a return approval.
    We do this to minimize errors and misunderstanding.


  • Any item returned without an RA note will not be looked at or contact and would eventually be discarded. This will cause delay to your warranty claim. We will not be responsible for any loss incurred by the buyer sending an unmarked item to our store. The Buyer will need to bare all costs in processing the returned item.


  • All warranty is void if any physical damage, water related damage, or tampering and modifying is found on the returned item.  The buyer will also need to pay for any return freight costs.


  • Any products that contain manufacturing direct warranty, Buyers will have to contact the manufacturer directly for all the warranty service within the warranty period, for example: printers, monitors, notebook, tablet, all in one, branded desktop etc.
    Buyer is welcome to contact us for additional information, help or advice regarding any warranty issues.


  • There will be a testing fee of $30 if the returned product is found to be working and not faulty. The buyer will also need to pay for return freight cost.


  • Products that are faulty outside of the DOA warranty period will need to be sent away to distributor for repair or warranty, this process can take up to 1 month.
    We will bear the cost of returning the unit back to the buyer once it is repaired or replaced by the distributor/manufacturer.


  • DOA (dead on arrival) - is covered ONLY within 14 days from the date of received delivery, and NOT by the date of when the buyer opens and uses the product. Please contact us via email, or telephone to obtain a return approval.
    We will replace the item if the returned item has been found faulty after the checking by our technician.


  • All warranty items need to be tested by our technician before any warranty can proceed.


  • All warranty needs to be returned with all the accessories for example notebook plus the ac adapter and battery. Items returned without its accessories will cause delay or usually get rejected by the distributor.


  • Buyer will need to bear the cost of return of the faulty product to us. If it is genuinely faulty we will freight the fixed items back to the buyer.


  • Please back up all the data and information; we are not responsible for any damages due to loss of data in any way form or another.  
    Nor will we be held responsible for any damages arising from loss of data or personal information by using any of our products, or occurred during a warranty or repair.


  • Our warranty complies with the Australian Consumer Law; please see here for more details.


  • Email: support@b3g.com.au